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Collaborative robots (Cobots) are commonly known as cobots and possess the innate ability to work in tandem with humans, whereas traditional industrial robots work in place of humans. While collaborative robots are efficient Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions, some projects may be better suited for traditional robotic technology, but some are perfectly match for Cobot. The ultimate considerations of selecting between a cobot or a robot for your automated solution are use case and application.

Advantages of Collaborative Robots (COBOTS)

Cobots have the ability to learn. Cobotic technology offers convenient re-programming as factory workers are able to simply readjust a cobot along its desired track. Cobots will remember their new positioning and repeat the action. Cobots are built with customization in mind with pre-engineered designs that can reduce time and cost surrounding tailored applications.

Automation in manufacturing industry has taken the next step with cobotic solutions. Along with manufacturing industry, Cobots find application in industries like equipment and furniture, polymers and plastic, food and beverages, automotive, machining and metal to name a few. Application of collaborative solutions in these fields is expected to result in a market growth shoot-up within a projected time-period. Consumers and OEM’s focus more on the safety aspects of the production processes like picking and placing, welding and gluing and tending to machines.

Features & Benefits

– Wireless Connection remote Assistance
– Safety Work and Flexible
– Modularized, Integral Join Techniques
– Open Ecosystem Tri-co Interaction


– Industries: Consumer electronics, electrical and electronics, rubber and plastics, packaging, metal fabrication and others
– Applications: welding, screw driving, packaging, glue-dispensing, soldering, inspection, and many more

PT Mitrainti Sejahtera Eletrindo is the authorized system integrator for robotic systems of JAKA. With our passion in automation and robotic industry, we are open for consultation to help you in choosing which type of robots is suitable for your application.


JAKA provides Solutions for Various Application Scenes. JAKA Cobots can be widely applied to every scene application, and complete the production deployment rapidly. Some applications such as screw driving, polishing, palletizing, pick & place, glue dispensing, welding, painting, packaging, and many more. JAKA offers varities of payload in their cobot starts from 3kg, 5kg, 7kg, 12kg, and 15kg. Here are some types of products that JAKA offers to you :

  • JAKA Zu Cobots
  • JAKA Zu S
  • JAKA Lens Vision
  • JAKA All-in-One
  • JAKA MiniCobo

Advantages of JAKA

JAKA Collaborative Robots (JAKA Cobots) have been successfully applied to automated production in multiple industrial sectors, providing innovation for industrial sectors with continuous and powerful equipment foundation.

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Drop & Drag Programming

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Open Ecosystem

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