There are various applications can be done using Servo, such as :

1. Flying cutting system
2. CNC machine for wood
3. Palletizer machine
4. Rotary clipper

Distributor Servo Indonesia

As the official distributor servo in Indonesia (with brands like Delta Servo, etc), we have done several projects with Servo Systems for many different Industry applications. One of them will be in rotary clipper machine, whereby our customer, Surya Satrya Timur Corp. wanted to achieve their efficiency level and reduce their waste level in producing plywood.

Problems : Previously, Surya Satrya Timur Corp. used inverter to control their motor for cutting plywood. The equal size of plywood produced must be the same from one another. However, they faced unstable result from this cutting process as the size of each plywood produced was not equal to one another. This caused Surya Satrya Timur Corp. couldn’t control their waste / efficiency level in their production.

Objectives :  Create a system for cutting machine to achieve high level of accuracy in producing plywood with less than 10mm difference and achieve the stability result on their production

Solution : Our engineer team decided to change the old system (using inverter) to servo system as servo can help this machine to cut plywood in more precise point and achieve consistency in their production as this machine has to be stable in their repetition movement

Result : The production result has achieved its accuracy level by less than 5mm difference and of course, its consistency / stability can be maintained very well. In addition, the waste level is reduced and the production level is increase.

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