We sell inverter starts from low duty to high duty application with the range of HP from 750w up to 450Kw. In addition, we offer installation and setting inverter for our customer to ensure that the inverter works well in your machines. We have installed inverters in some applications such as Corrugating Machine, NC Cutting, PDAM Pump, HVAC, Ball Mill, etc. To meet our customers’ preferences, we have several Inverter brands to offer such as OMRON, DELTA, SLANVERT, and MITSUBISHI.

Inverter Systems

WinterFor the sample of our several projects in inverter, we have PT. Multi Spunindo Jaya which had a trouble in its Slitter Machine. And here is the details:

Problems : The Slitter Machine didn’t give the identical size and thickness of spun bond.

Objectives :  Producing the spun bond with identical size and thickness

Solution : Our team hs found out that the cause of slitter in producing not identic size and thickness is because of the inverters (front and back inverters) were operating at different speed which cause changing in tension. As a result, when the cutting process running, the spun bond was not divided in identical size and thickness. So, they decided to replace their inverters with DELTA Brand (C2000 series) which has the ability of close loop and PLC function. So, this inverter has the ability to do calculation program in tension to adjust the inverter speed so that the spun bond can be divided in the same size.

Result : these inverters in slitter machine are able to adjust their speed based on the tension so that the spun bond is divided in identical size and thickness.

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