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We are appointed by JAKA to be an integrator of their Cobot System. We do offer one COBOT solution system to help your production line in achieving efficiency.
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About JAKA

JAKA Robotics was founded in 2014, stands for “Just Always Keep Amazing”. It is a high-tech company aiming at innovation and R&D for new generation of cobots and smart factory.

Innovative breakthroughs have been made in many applications such as drive control integration, integral joints, free-drive programming, wireless connection, etc. JAKA has continuously led the trend of robotics development.

“Free Your Hands By JAKA” is our mission. Focusing on the spirit of concentration, professionalism and originality, we will spread the spark of wisdom to all corners of the world and facilitatie enterprises entering the era of Industry 4.0.

Advantages of JAKA

JAKA Collaborative Robots (JAKA Cobots) have been successfully applied to automated production in multiple industrial sectors, providing innovation for industrial sectors with continuous and powerful equipment foundation.

No Teaching Pendant

Drop &Amp; Drag Programming

Jaka Cobot - Easy To Install

Open Ecosystem


JAKA provides Solutions for Various Application Scenes. JAKA Zu Collaborative Robot can mostly realize the omnidirectional automation of all the work. Meanwhile, JAKA Zu’s flexibility can also make the assembly of small batches combination products accessible economically. JAKA Cobots can be widely applied to every scene application, and complete the production deployment rapidly. Some applications such as screw driving, polishing, palletizing, pick & place, glue dispensing, welding, painting, packaging, and many more. JAKA offers varities of payload in their cobot starts from 3kg, 5kg, 7kg, 12kg, and 15kg. Here are some types of products that JAKA offers to you :

JAKA Zu Cobots



Jaka Zu S Edited

JAKA Lens Vision

Jaka Collaborative Robot - Lens Vision

JAKA All-in-one

Jaka Zu Ai Edited

JAKA MiniCobo

Mini Cobo

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