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Industrial Robotic Solution Surabaya


Factories face the challenges to remain competitive in their market. In addition, the challenges have becoming more complex while their customers demanding for improvements and better quality in their needs. The big question is “How to remain competitive in our market?”, while world is threatened by Increase in labor cost; inconsistency in production level; inconsistency in quality, high maintenance cost.

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Industrial Robotics is getting cheaper and easy in installation, it makes them a good investment with greater returns for manufacturers. In addition, it supports by technology in order to have real time data achieved which leads into quick and right decision making. These machines make themselves indispensable with the ability to perform tasks, collect and analyze data on productivity, quality, and reliability and cost for themselves and other equipment in the process and make the insights available for interpretation and action. Here are some types of Industrial Robotics :


High Efficiency

Able to operate 24/7 to produce larger qty of products with lower cost.

Consistency in Quality

Robots is doing well for production process that requires precision and repeatability task and this helps to ensure the quality in final products.

Safety Priority

Perform well in harsh environment and able to do impossible tasks in manufacturing process rather than placing human in that process.

Decentralized Decision Making

Able to collect data and all information from all points in manufacturing process to support right decision making and prevent for machine breakdown.


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