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Industrial Robotic Solution Surabaya

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As a consultant and integrator in industrial robotic solution Surabaya, we believe that integrating robotic automation solution is a necessary to face the new industrial revolution.

A new industrial revolution is moving towards smart manufacturing and smart factories. To meet customer requirements for the future smart industry, there are new emerging technologies such as industrial robots designed to operate in dangerous environments that can assist in achieving flexible manufacturing, reduce manpower, and save development time.

Industrial robots are programmed to automatically accomplish applications such as screw driving, dispensing, soldering, palletizing, assembly, and pick and place. Due to their flexibility and adaptability, robots are able to optimize production and enhance productivity for smart manufacturing.

Together with Our Principal, we continuously developing new types of robots for all kinds of applications to fulfill industry demands, and to realize “Automation for a Changing World”.

For our customers who look for consultancy to install robotic system, we are open for discussion and ready to assist your needs so that your investment can meet your goals.

Our popular robotics that have been installed in some industries such as:

PALLETIZER Robots    SCARA Robots      PARALLEL Robots       ARTICULATED Robot

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