Augmented Guided Vehicle (AGV) Warehouse Automation


Today, AGVs are a solution to a problem such as a labor shortage, a desire to automate processes, or to increase inventory accuracy. AGV could bring the following benefits to a warehouse: optimizing warehouse storage through demand analysis of available storage space and automatic shelf adjustments; streamlining warehouse management by supporting inventory business processes, like material requisition and procurement; and gaining total control with flexible management strategies, user-based permission configuration, and warehouse visualization. AGVs have advanced alongside the technologies they employ. The new robots will use state-of-the-art sensors to help navigate in any warehouse without any new infrastructure, making deployment much easier and less disruptive.

With the support of ROBOTEQ, DELTA, and OMRON, we are able to develop AGV to support your warehouse system in this Inudstry 4.0 era. Our experts have developed the AGV and Racking system which can be seen in our showroom. We are open for consultation to help you in designing and developing AGV / racking solution in your factory.

As the distributor of the leading AGV, we are able to develop AGV Warehouse Automation in Surabaya as well as other cities in Indonesia. Contact us for free consultation.

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