As an authorized System Integrator of OMRON and DELTA, we have been trained and are experienced in developing SCADA system for industrial process. We offer the best SCADA systems under OMRON or DELTA brand to meet the needs of our customers. We have done several projects such as Monitoring data instrument, Water system supply, recipe & record mixing system, and many more.

Jasa Pembuatan SCADA

Industry 4.0 requires company to monitoring and collecting data in order to prevent breakdown in manufacturing process / machine. Here we are for you to build a SCADA system to meet the standards of Industry 4.0 while you can keep track on your machine and production. Our team, We are SCADA professionals to assist and give insights on what SCADA is about.

SCADA, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, in general has several functions:

  1. Collect data on the side of the process
  2. Send data to the Master
  3. Processing data for various management and management applications
  4. Distribute information to other computers / masters.

So, we have a case from a big company in Chemical Industry, PT. Molindo Inti Gas. Last time, they were recording Temperature Pressure Totalizer manually whereby it’s required their staff to go down to the plant and have a look “every hour” to get this data. Here is the details:

Problems : PT. Molindo Inti Gas was using human / semi manual monitoring and controlling Temperature Pressure Totalizer in their factory, where many workers are exposed to chemical hazard. In addition, each monitoring is recorded and monitored not in real time where the results of the data recorded have a different period of time than the data previous data.

Objective : Creating a system, where the process can be controlled and monitored in the work control room to reduce the level of human exposure to chemical toxin

Solution : Our team suggested to provide an automation system at the plant, which is accompanied by a SCADA system as a control and monitoring of the work process.

Result : The staff doesn’t need to record manually every hour because SCADA will do for them in accurate way. Apart from that, SCADA can get more accurate data for analysis and decision making and of course, increase the efficiency of the company as a result.

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