MITSUBISHI System Integrator

PT. Mitrainti Sejahtera Eletrindo (MiSEL) as a qualified, local technical resource, a Mitsubishi Electric Automation Authorized System Integrator is trained and tested in providing product application development, start-up assistance and/or support. We stay up to date on the latest products to ensure our automation solution could meet Customers’ request in upgrading their manufacturing process / build new system.

Our objective  is to help our customers in achieving high efficiency in their manufacturing process and improve productivity. In addition, as an authorized system integrator, we employ technical resources who are factory-trained and certified in providing product application development and on-site start-up assistance and/or support as needed. We believe on what we design could help our customers to upgrade manufacturing processes or to install solutions for improved productivity or efficiency.

Mitsubishi Electric System Integrator Authorized Letter

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