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Servo Delta Distributor

Source: Delta Group Official YouTube Channel

As an authorized distributor of Servo Delta, we provide a wide range of Delta Servo products and system. Some of the Delta Servo products that we have include ac servo, servo drive and servo motor.

Servo Motor Delta has many model numbers and one of them is ECMA-E21315RS with rated output power of 1.5 KW, 7.16 Torque N.m, 2000 rpm speed, and many others. There are many servo motor delta that you can find in our servo catalogue.

Servo Delta System is an omnibearing integrated servo system which is based on Delta’s strength in industrial and electronic technology and developed for different customers’ requirements of various application machine tools. All ASDA Series Servo Delta Drive / Servo Drive Delta are provided with a superior digital signal processor (DSP) which represents a high-speed performance of the control circuit loop that includes control modes. Besides, the other features of Delta ASDA series, including gain tuning, smooth motor operation and software analysis / monitor function, also provide high-speed and high-precision motion control for a wide range of industrial automation applications. This system also helps to optimize your cost effectivity even more.

For more details consult our data about Delta Servo. See the video above about “Delta Success Case – ASDA-M servo system innovative motion control”

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